Dog Sports/Agility

At Kritter Keepers Club, we believe dogs should pursue their "dog-given" talents. That’s why our daycare and boarding is different from all others. Some dogs love a one-on-one, human-to-dog approach. Others thrive in groups based on size, energy level and play style. We’ll evaluate your pups and put them into individual training schedules. Once we determine your dog’s comfort level, a day at the Kritter Keepers Club is full of dog sports and brain-stimulating activities. Open to every boarder, these can include agility exercises, lure-coursing, puzzle games, nosework and basic obedience refreshers. All of our Club Attendants are trained to help your dog quickly master basic obedience cues.

Sample Schedule

check in and group play or rest timed
outdoor lure coursing
rest time
group play
snack time
indoor agility
rest time
agility work
agility work

Each week, we'll work on a new obedience cue or trick like sit, down, stay, recall, paw, rollover, speak. Report cards will go home daily with each dog so you can see what your pup excelled in or needed more work in. We'll also send home the cues and hand signals from the training so you can work at home! We'll invite you to come to group classes and workshops on what your dog loves so you can spend quality play time with them away from KKC.

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