Pet Sitting

Due to age or temperament, some kritters just do better staying at home. We offer the following pet sitting and dog walking services: 

  • Pet Sit Meet & Greet: Always free
  • Single Pet Sit Visit: $25/hour or $35/hour (outside area)
  • Single Dog Walk: $20/half hour
  • Special 3x/day (within 7 mile radius): $20 each
  • Special 3x/day (outside area): $25 each
  • Feline Fun (daily): $15
  • Feline Fun (every other day): $18
  • Overnight Whole House Sitting: $85/night
  • Overnight Whole House Sitting (outside area): $100/night
  • Big Blocks of Love: $65/day 

All visits include all animals and medical needs if necessary.

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